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We fully believe in a DIY approach to clients handling as much of their own family law matter as possible. An important part of any DIY project, whether it’s a project at home or a legal document, is knowing when you need some professional assistance. We will draft your documents at your convenience, and you never have to enter an attorney’s office!

The Importance Of Correctly Drafted Documents

A carefully and correctly written document sets you on the course for success and significantly reduces your chances of facing difficulties in the future. Instead of guessing your way through fill-in-the-blank forms yourself or buying online documents that are not personally reviewed by an attorney when they’re completed, allow us to draft all of your documents for you. You will have the legal advantage and peace of mind that only comes from having your documents expertly drafted — AND YOU NEVER EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE HOME!

Examples of family law documents:

  • Petition for divorce
  • Motion to modify suit affecting parent-child relationship (SAPCR)
  • Original answer
  • Parenting plans
  • Motion for enforcement
  • Temporary orders
  • Final order
  • Final decree of divorce
  • Property title and deed transfers
  • Name change
  • Power of attorney
  • Wills
  • HIPAA releases
  • Directives to physicians
  • Designation of health care agent for children

So many intelligent and diligent people have tried to write their own legal documents only to find that their important documents are incorrect, unusable, or have actually created more legal problems than they solved. The consequence can be seriously damaging to you, your finances and your children. You can still put your DIY spirit to use and handle the processing and filing of your documents yourself, but we hope you let us draft your important legal documents for you!

Likewise, many people accidentally agree and sign their names to incorrect documents drafted by their spouse or spouse’s attorney. We will be happy to review those documents and advise you before sign them!

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