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Seeking The Best Child Support Agreement In Your Situation

Each Texas child support attorney at the Allen offices of Warmbrodt & Associates is experienced in addressing the legal issues that arise when collecting or defending against collection of child support payments. Texas bases a noncustodial parent’s child support on that parent’s income. Texas courts regularly follow these guideline minimums very closely, but sometimes, it is possible to obtain a court order for an even greater amount or maximum child support. When jobs are lost, children come to live with a noncustodial parent, or other circumstances change, a modification of the child support order is often sought to give your children the support they deserve.

Dependency Exemption

The custodial parent generally retains this exemption except where mutually agreed upon by both parties and the court.

Day Care Expenses

Child care expenses are generally paid for by the custodial parent, although some courts have instituted a policy of payment by the noncustodial parent in addition to regular child support payments.

Health Insurance

If the noncustodial parent has insurance available through an employer and agrees or is court-ordered to provide coverage to the child, then they may deduct this cost from their total income before their income is evaluated for child support.

Non Payment/Enforcement Of Decrees

Our office is able to respond swiftly and decisively to emergency situations requiring modification or enforcement of child support.

Our Texas child support lawyers at Warmbrodt & Associates advocate the use of negotiated or mediated settlements as an alternative to litigation in the courts. These agreements allow greater flexibility for both parties and generally save time and money while avoiding the acrimony and hurt feelings that often result from a court-mandated decision.

More information on mediation and collaborative law.

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