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Representing Clients In Challenging CPS Matters

Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) may tend to “take the child first and ask questions later” after an allegation of abuse or inappropriate conditions in the home. At Texas Child Protective Services, our family law attorneys have extensive experience in helping Texas parents answer serious charges and recover their children after removal by CPS based on allegations of criminal activity, drugs in the home, pornography, and sexual or physical abuse.

Unfortunately, many times these allegations are the work of a vindictive ex-spouse looking to punish the other parent and keep them from their child. In these cases, we can swiftly act for emergency orders to return the child with the least trauma possible.

Grandparent Custody

In addition, the Texas family law lawyers at Warmbrodt & Associates can assist grandparents, relatives and others in securing custody of a minor child after a termination of parental rights by the state. This is a complicated process that requires a skilled legal professional with an intimate knowledge of the law, coupled with a compassionate understanding of the underlying emotional issues.

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If CPS has removed your children or grandchild from their parents/home, contact the attorneys at Warmbrodt & Associates for a complimentary free initial consultation and review of out-of-court options, including collaborative law and mediation.

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