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Collaborative law describes an alternative method of resolution during a Texas divorce, custody or other family dispute. Attorneys and parties on both sides of the dispute agree to resolve the dispute through the collaboration. Both parties are placed in a noncombative environment to encourage resolution of their differences.

Both parties agree in writing to reach a mutually agreeable resolution without court intervention.

At Warmbrodt & Associates, our collaborative law lawyers firmly believe that collaborative law is a timely and cost-effective alternative to protracted and expensive litigation.

Collaborative Law Agreements

The conventional process of divorce often causes greater divisions where both sides are pitted against each other in a “winner take all” process. Collaborative law allows for greater flexibility in the creation of agreements that might not otherwise be obtained through litigation. In addition, these agreements tend to avoid future disputes as both parties have fully expressed all of their concerns and needs in the collaborative process.

The divorce process and disputes over child custody and child support take a toll on everyone involved, especially children. Collaborative law may lessen this animosity.

If you are considering or currently involved in a Texas divorce, contact the collaborative law attorneys at Warmbrodt & Associates for a complimentary free initial consultation and review of out-of-court options, including collaborative law and mediation.