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January 2017 Archives

How a prenuptial agreement affects community property in Texas

Divorce is often a complicated matter. State laws that govern the process vary, and spouses choosing to end their marriages in court in Texas will want to seek clarification on certain issues before taking any formal action. In fact, some say the best time to educate oneself regarding the topic is well before the wedding day. This might help prevent contentious disagreements regarding community property, child custody and other related issues if divorce occurs.

Robin Thicke adamantly denies allegations in child custody battle

Several Hollywood stars unexpectedly died during the recent holiday season, including former comic actor, Alan Thicke. His son, Robin, now says his former wife's recent allegations stem from her anger after not being invited to the elder Thicke's funeral. Paula Patton has accused Thicke of abusing their 6-year-old son and has requested modifications to the existing child custody order. Some Texas parents may relate to this embittered situation.

When complications arise regarding community property

Texas, like a number of other states, considers all property acquired during marriage as jointly owned. If divorce occurs, all assets considered community property will be divided equally between spouses.  In situations where spouses do not want particular assets to be shared, complications can arise. 

What driving has to do with child support in Texas

The new year is upon us, and some Texas parents are facing challenges concerning child support and custody orders. Last month, a new law took effect in this state regarding parents who have not kept up with child support payments. The law has raised concerns among representatives who work in a country tax assessment and collection office.

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