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What driving has to do with child support in Texas

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2017 | Child Support |

The new year is upon us, and some Texas parents are facing challenges concerning child support and custody orders. Last month, a new law took effect in this state regarding parents who have not kept up with child support payments. The law has raised concerns among representatives who work in a country tax assessment and collection office.

Now, those who have not made child support payments will be denied car registrations. Officials apparently began warning parents who were delinquent in their support payments several months before the law took effect. Since the law became active, the state Attorney Generals’ office has collected approximately $160,000 as a result.

A Harris County tax assessment and collection worker said he is concerned because his office has been asked to enforce the law on behalf of the Attorney General and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The worker noted that the tax office is an administrative agency and is not supposed to be enforcing laws. Since all drivers must carry proof of valid car registration with them for any vehicle being driven, this new law could lead to various complications for motorists.

Many Texas parents depend on child support payments to provide for their children’s basic needs. Especially for those who spent their married years at home full time, obtaining gainful employment and meeting financial expenses that become one’s responsibility as a primary breadwinner can be quite challenging. If a child support problem is adding further impediment to a parent’s ability to provide for a family, assistance may be sought by contacting an experienced family law attorney.

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