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Robin Thicke adamantly denies allegations in child custody battle

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2017 | Child Custody |

Several Hollywood stars unexpectedly died during the recent holiday season, including former comic actor, Alan Thicke. His son, Robin, now says his former wife’s recent allegations stem from her anger after not being invited to the elder Thicke’s funeral. Paula Patton has accused Thicke of abusing their 6-year-old son and has requested modifications to the existing child custody order. Some Texas parents may relate to this embittered situation.

Patton asserts that school officials informed her Robon Thicke had made several comments to them that raised parenting concerns regarding Thicke. He immediately denied allegations of abuse, stating he has never acted inappropriately when disciplining his son. He believes the whole situation has been drummed up by his former wife because she was angry at him for not inviting her to his father’s funeral.

Thicke claims Patton never liked her former father-in-law and was only interested in attending the funeral to gain public exposure. Patton says her son has become withdrawn and had also developed a mild stutter when he speaks. She is worried that something is going on at her former husband’s house that is causing the child distress.

The current child custody order grants Thicke permission to reside with his son three days per week. She also alleges that Thicke’s frequent use of drugs and alcohol may be affecting his ability to parent. The mother has asked the court to change the court order; however, that request was denied. Any Texas parent facing similar challenges may protect his or her rights by seeking immediate assistance from an experienced family law attorney.

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