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October 2016 Archives

How will child support be calculated in a Texas divorce?

Texas parents who are considering divorce may be concerned about the post-divorce welfare of their children and whether their best interests will be protected. The manner in which the amount of child support is determined may be one of the questions parents have. Because the dynamics of each family are unique, several aspects will be considered, according to the guidelines under family law.

The damage done by divorce depends on how it is navigated

When Texas couples say "I do," very few of them anticipate that, "I no longer do" might be uttered by one of them at some time in the future. Some say a divorce will be the financial ruin of a man and others say the same about women -- it depends on who is talking. Whichever way, most divorces do not have to include expensive courtroom battles, leaving one or both spouses with empty bank accounts.

Kids in sole custody can be protected from parental kidnapping

Typically, parents will do anything to protect their children. Many divorced parents in Texas who have sole custody of their kids live in constant fear of the other parent kidnapping a child. Steps can be taken to prevent custodial interference in cases in which it is anticipated. A noncustodial father in another state was recently booked into jail on charges of parental kidnapping after removing a child without the mother's consent.

Many questions are asked about the division of marital assets

When a Texas couple files for divorce, the division of property can be a contentious issue in the midst of an environment that is already emotionally-charged. A lot is lost during the division of marital assets, and the losses are not only emotional, but also legal and financial. It is only natural to want to keep assets such as a car or a house, but who wants to be burdened with an ex-spouse's debts?

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