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How will child support be calculated in a Texas divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Child Support |

Texas parents who are considering divorce may be concerned about the post-divorce welfare of their children and whether their best interests will be protected. The manner in which the amount of child support is determined may be one of the questions parents have. Because the dynamics of each family are unique, several aspects will be considered, according to the guidelines under family law.

These guidelines include the child’s needs and age and the financial resources of the parents, including how much is available for paying toward child support. The net income of the parent who will be responsible for the payment of child support will be considered, along with any other child and/or spousal support obligations from a previous marriage or relationship. Furthermore, provisions made for the child’s health care, along with any special needs that the child may have, and whether the parent’s employer offers some benefits will be considered.

Any financial obligations and debt in the names of the parents will be considered, and deductions from their wages will be factored into the calculations. The noncustodial parent’s traveling expenses for child visitation will be considered. The court will also look at the possibility of the child needing support beyond completion of secondary school.

These Texas Child Support Guidelines will be used, but any additional relevant factors will be included. Parents are also free to negotiate for additional support related to helping with fees for extracurricular activities, summer camps or more. However, reaching any agreements with a soon-to-be ex may be best done under the guidance of an experienced family law attorney. Too many children are disappointed by parents who fail to adhere to verbal agreements.

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