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The damage done by divorce depends on how it is navigated

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements |

When Texas couples say “I do,” very few of them anticipate that, “I no longer do” might be uttered by one of them at some time in the future. Some say a divorce will be the financial ruin of a man and others say the same about women — it depends on who is talking. Whichever way, most divorces do not have to include expensive courtroom battles, leaving one or both spouses with empty bank accounts.

While the costs of a divorce can be enormous if every small issue is fought in court, there are other ways. Massive amounts can be saved by communication and compromise between the spouses, even if it is done with the assistance of a divorce mediator. The time it takes to finalize a divorce also depends on the couple’s ability to reach agreements during negotiations.

All potential issues can be anticipated, discussed and decided upon in the drafting of a prenuptial agreement. It is not uncommon for contention to arise when one party seeks spousal support. If one spouse left an established career to take care of the family, it is only fair to help that spouse to re-establish employment — regardless of whether it was the husband or the wife. However, along with property division, child custody and other issues, spousal support fights can be avoided by addressing this in a prenup. Matters that were left unaddressed in the original agreement may be resolved through mediation.

Too many people in Texas navigate their divorces according to the advice and experiences of friends and family without recognizing that the dynamics of each divorce are unique. The most appropriate advice is that which is available from experienced divorce attorneys who can provide support and guidance that are based on each client and his or her personal circumstances. Not all divorces can be achieved without litigation, but if at all possible, mediated divorces are said to be less traumatic for parents and children.

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