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February 2016 Archives

Child custody: Mother arrested for filing false reports to CPS

While some Texas parents can resolve family law issues through negotiation or mediation, others resort to bitter legal battles. Sometimes one parent will resort to making false allegations against the other parent in an effort to discredit that person and gain child custody. Although arrests related to false CPS reports are not that common, a mother was recently arrested after it was determined that she made 10 false claims against her child's father.

There are alternatives to litigation for property division issues

It is often suggested that staying in a bad marriage is more traumatic than going through a divorce. Those in Texas who are delaying divorce action because of the high costs typically associated with it may benefit from exploring alternatives to litigation. Collaboration and mediation are both options that may limit the costs while providing a platform to reach mutual agreements on issues such as property division and child custody.

How is shared parenting different from joint custody?

Shared parenting is gaining popularity in several states, including here in Texas. While some believe that this manner of parenting after a divorce is in the best interests of the children in most cases, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that shared parenting agreements are reached in only 17 percent of all child custody cases nationwide. This form of parenting is different from joint custody in which parents can have joint legal custody to give both parents the rights to make legal decisions related to the child, or joined physical custody in which a 50/50 schedule must be drafted for parenting – or both.

Husband thought secret divorce could avoid property division

Dividing marital assets in a Texas divorce can be difficult and sometimes it gives rise to high levels of contention. Some individuals will go to any lengths to avoid property division and sharing their assets with their spouses. A 59-year-old woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit against the man to whom she thought she was married for 20 years.

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