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Child custody: Mother arrested for filing false reports to CPS

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2016 | Child Custody |

While some Texas parents can resolve family law issues through negotiation or mediation, others resort to bitter legal battles. Sometimes one parent will resort to making false allegations against the other parent in an effort to discredit that person and gain child custody. Although arrests related to false CPS reports are not that common, a mother was recently arrested after it was determined that she made 10 false claims against her child’s father.

The woman is charged with a felony count of filing false reports with the Child Protective Services. The allegations included abuse, neglect and sexual abuse that she claimed took place over a period of five years. Court documents indicate that the accused mother was confrontational with CPS workers on several occasions, and records show that caseworkers never found any evidence of the alleged abuse against the child.

Such accusations could be destructive to the person who is falsely accused of abuse — especially sexual abuse against his own daughter. The social and financial consequences can be devastating, and it may lead to a victim losing a job and his or her child. Sadly, while these legal battles continue, the children are typically those who suffer most.

Any Texas parent who is the victim of a former spouse or partner’s false accusations may recognize that this is not a battle to fight on his or her own. Because child custody battles can become extremely combative, many parents who want to ensure their continued presence in their children’s lives choose to seek the guidance of experienced family law attorneys. With the support of a lawyer, issues may be resolved in a manner that would be in the best interests of the child.

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