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There are alternatives to litigation for property division issues

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2016 | Property Division |

It is often suggested that staying in a bad marriage is more traumatic than going through a divorce. Those in Texas who are delaying divorce action because of the high costs typically associated with it may benefit from exploring alternatives to litigation. Collaboration and mediation are both options that may limit the costs while providing a platform to reach mutual agreements on issues such as property division and child custody.

Divorce mediation comes at the lowest cost and involves a qualified mediator who facilitates communication between both parties — and compromise when necessary. Both spouses may have their attorneys present to provide valuable input and ensure the legality of any settlement agreement. There is no limit on the issues that can be covered in mediation.

Another option that typically costs more than mediation but much less than litigation is a collaborative divorce. This process also includes the legal counsel of each party along with divorce coaches and an impartial financial advisor. It must be noted that divorcing couples who decide to litigate after committing to collaboration may not use the services of the attorneys who were part of the collaboration process.

In cases in which communication and trust have broken down completely, litigation may be the only way to resolve property division, child custody and other issues. Texas spouses who are unsure about which route to take to limit expenses and trauma may find that an experienced divorce attorney can provide answers to questions about the various options. Being fully informed may prepare an individual for what is to be expected during divorce proceedings.

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