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May 2014 Archives

Division of marital assets needs careful planning before divorce

Divorce is not always an easy process, but when a couple gets divorced later in life, after accumulating many assets, the process may become quite complicated. Texas is a community property state, and couples may want to work out a plan of action for the division of marital assets, rather than having the court make those decisions. As soon as it becomes apparent that a divorce may be imminent, estate plans should be amended, because, if one spouse should die during the divorce process -- but before it is finalized -- his or her assets would not be protected. Beneficiaries and powers of attorney may need revision.

Lamar Sally demands sole custody of surrogate baby due in July

Texas residents who are interested in the lives of high-profile couples may be interested in the demands of Lamar Sally, who recently filed for separation from Sherri Shepherd. They were married in 2011, and because Sally has not been a resident in the state where they live for more than six months, he is not allowed to file for divorce for another three months. This separation does not promise to be amicable, and it may result in a fierce fight for sole custody of their unborn child.

High net worth divorce involving alleged abuse finalized

The daughter whose parents were once the main shareholders of a large electrical corporation later sold to ABM Industries recently had her divorce finalized. She went from that courtroom to another floor where her ex-husband appeared to hear when he would have to be back in court on charges related to an alleged attack on her. Texas residents may be interested to learn what sparked this attack, months before the high net worth divorce.

Verbal agreements about child custody may lead to disputes later

Whether a divorce is amicable or not, it remains a difficult time for parents and children. It is not uncommon for couples to reach verbal agreements, only to then face disputes related to child custody or other contentious matters at a later stage. Although it may seem unnecessary at the time, it may be better to have all agreements endorsed by a Texas family court.

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