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High net worth divorce involving alleged abuse finalized

On Behalf of | May 14, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

The daughter whose parents were once the main shareholders of a large electrical corporation later sold to ABM Industries recently had her divorce finalized. She went from that courtroom to another floor where her ex-husband appeared to hear when he would have to be back in court on charges related to an alleged attack on her. Texas residents may be interested to learn what sparked this attack, months before the high net worth divorce.

The petite woman reportedly filed for separation from her husband last year, after 33 years of marriage. When she informed him of her plans weeks later, he allegedly attacked her with a baseball bat. The brutal attack reportedly left her brain-damaged and in a coma, after which she now has difficulty talking and walking. It was reported that, in order to avoid additional damage to the family, the ex-husband agreed to relinquish any claim of entitlement to financial marital assets.

All assets and finances are apparently in the wife’s name, as it is almost exclusively part of her family inheritance. After the attack, the wife apparently stopped her husband’s access to the couple’s joint bank account. Since then, his only income was reportedly derived from Social Security benefits he received for disability. The family home, a 9,600-square-foot mansion, was listed on the property market in April for the amount of $11.8 million.

Texas residents who are in the middle of a high net worth divorce may find themselves totally overwhelmed. When there are additional allegations of abuse present, they may want to make use of the help that is available. This could help ensure an efficient and speedy completion of a divorce, allowing the newly divorced spouses to move on to a fresh start.

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