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Lamar Sally demands sole custody of surrogate baby due in July

On Behalf of | May 21, 2014 | Child Custody |

Texas residents who are interested in the lives of high-profile couples may be interested in the demands of Lamar Sally, who recently filed for separation from Sherri Shepherd. They were married in 2011, and because Sally has not been a resident in the state where they live for more than six months, he is not allowed to file for divorce for another three months. This separation does not promise to be amicable, and it may result in a fierce fight for sole custody of their unborn child.

The couple announced some time ago that they were using the services of a surrogate mother who will give birth to their child in July. While Shepherd has not discussed their separation or imminent divorce publicly, Sally has been very vocal about it. He claims sole custody of the child and wants Shepherd to receive limited visitation. In addition, he demands to be paid child support and spousal support and wants Shepherd to be responsible for legal fees.

Although the couple has a prenuptial agreement, Sally will request the court to declare the agreement null and void as he claims the marriage to have been fraudulent. Because Shepherd has been treating the separation as a private affair, her response to Sally’s demands is not known. She has another child from a previous marriage.

Divorcing couples in Texas who are finding it difficult to work through contentious issues related to child custody may want to use the services of a mediator to guide them to agreements that may satisfy both parents and children. Instead of sole custody, courts have recently allowed, and even encouraged, both parents to participate actively in every possible aspect of their child’s life. Child custody remains to be determined by the best interests of the child; however, courts no longer automatically award child custody to the mother.

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