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February 2014 Archives

A complex divorce; less stressful in Texas by telling the kids

Getting married and having children is a part of life to which most people look forward. However, things may change in a relationship that can lead to calling it quits. When children are involved, it can understandably become a more complex divorce. The fear of parents getting divorced is something that, unfortunately, sometimes becomes a reality, and most Texas parents want their children to be informed of what is happening and why.

Parent's right to fight for child custody in Texas

Many couples who choose to get divorced also have to go through the child custody process. However, situations other than divorce can cause a couple to fight for custody of their children. These cases can be caused by numerous reasons and each situation is unique to the couple and children involved. Those going through child custody battles in Texas have to keep what is best for the children in the front of their minds.

Texas spouses may see increase in credit score after divorce

Divorce is a difficult situation for spouses and their families. As difficult as this time is, it may actually be beneficial to the credit scores of certain Texas spouses. A study suggests that almost 30 percent of individuals saw an increase in their credit scores after divorce.

Strict rules for tax deductions for property division

For Texas couples who are going through a divorce, the desire to save money is often at the top of each spouse's priority list. As tax season approaches, many spouses may be wondering what, if any, portion of their divorce costs might be deductible. Unfortunately, the majority of one's legal bills are eligible for any form of tax relief. However, there are a couple of notable exceptions, and these should be considered during the property division process.

It may be best to consider joint custody over loveless marriage

Deciding to get divorced is an emotional and difficult decision to make, especially when there are children involved. Many Texas spouses remain in their marriage for the sake of the children. However, staying in a marriage in spite of bitterness and hostility can actually cause more damage to the kids than getting a divorce and arranging joint custody.

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