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A complex divorce; less stressful in Texas by telling the kids

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2014 | High Asset Divorce |

Getting married and having children is a part of life to which most people look forward. However, things may change in a relationship that can lead to calling it quits. When children are involved, it can understandably become a more complex divorce. The fear of parents getting divorced is something that, unfortunately, sometimes becomes a reality, and most Texas parents want their children to be informed of what is happening and why.

First and foremost, before actually having the discussion with the children, it would probably benefit the parents to first have a discussion of their own. Agreeing on what will be said and what the conversation will reveal can make the situation easier. Couples who are going through a complex divorce should at least try to put their personal issues with each other aside so that they can tell their children together. Hearing that parents are divorcing can be less traumatic if both parents are there to give the news.

Once the conversation has started, being honest and realistic about the situation can keep a child from becoming angry and distrusting in the future. Keeping the conversation clear and to the point may also help the children to more fully understand what is happening. Parents may also find that the disclosure of the circumstances may be easier if they do not get overly emotional and if they reassure the children that their love and affection will not change even though the divorce will happen.

It can be challenging to find a time and place to tell a child that his or her parents are no longer going to be married, but the job must be done if a divorce becomes inevitable. Even though a custody battle could be forthcoming, the children may be better off if both parents are happier not being married. A complex divorce in Texas can be difficult, but with qualified legal representation, the situation may be less stressful for the parents and their children.

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