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September 2013 Archives

Divorce in Texas; good reasons to get a prenuptial agreement

When most people fall in love and get married, often they just want that feeling of blissful happiness to stay around forever. The future can not always be planned, though, and marriages sometimes do not work out the way individuals expect. People in Texas and all around the country can save themselves some potential divorce hassle by simply getting a prenuptial agreement early on.

Texas residents see effects of not paying child support

Understandably, children need love and affection. They also need basic things such as food, shelter and clothes. Child support is intended to help pay for these items when the parents are not together. Residents in Texas, as well as other regions, may have recently seen a national news story of a parent that was arrested for failure to comply with court orders..

Property division decisions affected by home equity

For many divorcing couples in Texas, the decision-making process surrounding the end of their marriage encompasses a wide range of factors. Each couple is unique, and therefore will have their own set of priorities within their divorce. For some, child custody matters will dominate the process. Others will focus on the property division aspects of the divorce. Those couples who are homeowners will have another factor to consider: the current value of their family home.

Texas residents may soon read about a nasty child custody battle

Divorce is a tough pill to swallow on most occasion, since itt can bring out both the best and worst in many people. Divorce can be made even harder when there is a child custody situation involved and even harder still when it is happening out in the open for the whole world to scrutinize. Recently, Texas residents have been able to read about the well-publicized separation of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas.

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