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Texas residents see effects of not paying child support

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2013 | Child Support |

Understandably, children need love and affection. They also need basic things such as food, shelter and clothes. Child support is intended to help pay for these items when the parents are not together. Residents in Texas, as well as other regions, may have recently seen a national news story of a parent that was arrested for failure to comply with court orders..

One father, who reportedly has 27 children, was recently arrested for not paying his child support. He was seen on the nationally aired television show Divorce Court before his arrest. He has 27 children with 16 different women. There are reportedly 15 daughters and 12 sons between all of the mothers.

He was arrested because of the arrears but was released shortly after his arrest. Having so many children with mothers that he is no longer in a relationship with means having to pay a lot of child support. It is no wonder that he has child support debts. Clearly, child support can get quite expensive with each additional child added to the case.

Paying child support is an essential, and legal, responsibility when ordered by a court. People that do not pay their child support can wind up being arrested, which can lead to other problems. Having children and not getting any monetary help from the other parent can be stressful and financially burdening. In either situation, obtaining representation can make these processes easier to get through and to understand. Texas parents facing these important issues may benefit by gaining an understanding of their rights and responsibilities under our laws.

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