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Child Custody Archives

Texas child custody orders must be respected

When a Texas marriage ends, kids are often left in the uncertain clutches of a child custody dispute. In some cases, adults are able to mutually work out a schedule that fits the needs of each party involved and allows for the children to have access and spend time with both mom and dad. In some cases, one parent may not be mentally, financially or physically able to care for or attend to the needs of his or her kids. In extreme cases, a parent who has been found unfit to remain as a positive figure in their children's lives may have his or her child custody rights taken away or significantly limited.

Proposed bill could affect child custody laws in Texas

Throughout the country, divorce is a reality that many families must face. One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is dealing with child custody. While every situation is different, it is not uncommon for one parent to be granted more time with the children than the other parent. However, a new Texas bill is looking to change that by insuring both parents receive equal time with their children.

When child custody issues arise at school

Although every Texas family is different, one thing most spouses who divorce agree upon is that the process is seldom easy. Especially where child custody issues are concerned, various challenges may arise that require outside intervention to resolve. Many parents have faced such issues regarding their children's schools; in particular, which parent is to be contacted if an emergency or particular problem arises?   

Robin Thicke adamantly denies allegations in child custody battle

Several Hollywood stars unexpectedly died during the recent holiday season, including former comic actor, Alan Thicke. His son, Robin, now says his former wife's recent allegations stem from her anger after not being invited to the elder Thicke's funeral. Paula Patton has accused Thicke of abusing their 6-year-old son and has requested modifications to the existing child custody order. Some Texas parents may relate to this embittered situation.

Father mourns loss of sons and fights for new child custody laws

Suffering the unexpected death of one's child is a devastating loss. Texas readers may relate to one father's deep sorrow involving not one, but two of his children. Although nothing can be done to replace his loss, he is determined to fight for changes in child custody laws that he believes are necessary to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Helping children through child custody problems during holidays

Ending a marriage just before a holiday season may be especially challenging if one has children. Divorce is seldom stress-free, and the timing of court appointments alongside shopping for Christmas gifts may be a little overwhelming for those involved. A parent in Texas trying to build new memories and create new customs for children may have to get creative to avoid any negativity regarding child custody problems.

Sole custody: What it is and how to request it

There are many reasons a Texas couple may decide to end a marriage. Sometimes, insurmountable differences are a leading consideration. Extramarital affairs or other alleged deceit may be defining factors for others. When children are involved in a divorce, attention typically turns toward joint or sole custody and related issues in an effort to determine which option best aligns with a particular situation.

What are the child custody options in a Texas divorce?

For many divorcing parents in Texas, decisions related to their children are the most emotional and challenging part of the proceedings. In many circumstances, both parents are concerned that their relationships with their children may be jeopardized. Parents can negotiate and resolve child custody issues directly in most circumstances. However, if the parents cannot agree about child custody, the family court will have to make these important decisions.

Kids in sole custody can be protected from parental kidnapping

Typically, parents will do anything to protect their children. Many divorced parents in Texas who have sole custody of their kids live in constant fear of the other parent kidnapping a child. Steps can be taken to prevent custodial interference in cases in which it is anticipated. A noncustodial father in another state was recently booked into jail on charges of parental kidnapping after removing a child without the mother's consent.

Child custody: Parental alienation can poison a divorce

Many divorcing couples in Texas manage this traumatic time without acrimony, recognizing the impact a hostile court battle can have on children. When child custody issues are litigated in court, it could become a competition in which each parent wants to be the winner. It is not uncommon for one parent to feed a child with negative judgments against the other parent, causing alienation that can destroy the child's relationship with that parent.

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