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When will an adjustment in child support be considered?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2024 | Child Support |

When Texas parents separate, shared custody is most often the best option for the children. But when parents share custody of their children, one parent is usually ordered to pay child support to the other. Child support orders are made to help the primary parent pay for all costs associated with raising a child. These orders ensure that both parents are contributing financially to the well-being of their children. Sometimes, one parent may wish to revisit the child support issue and ask for a modification.  

When to ask for an adjustment 

Child support is intended to cover costs for a child’s education, extracurricular activities, healthcare, clothing, food, housing, and other needs. Sometimes, the circumstances for one of the parents may change, leading them to request an adjustment. If there are significant changes, the court may consider adjusting the ordered child support amount. 

Life changes like new employment, job loss, marriage, or new parental responsibilities may lead to an adjustment in child support. If the child’s needs change, requiring more money for care, the primary parent may ask for an increase in support. Likewise, the parent paying child support may request a reduction in support if they experience a significant income loss. Adjustments may also be made based on the cost of living.  

Seek legal advice 

Child support, like other matters that must be dealt with after divorce or separation, can lead to intense emotions. Both parties want what’s best for their children but may not be able to agree on the appropriate amount of child support. When dealing with child support, one can benefit from seeking advice from an experienced Texas family law attorney.