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Protecting a family legacy through a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2023 | Prenuptial Agreements |

No one decides to get married while also planning to divorce at some point in the future. Taking the step of marriage is a critical decision in one’s life, and while most people do give this a lot of thought before proceeding, they likely don’t assume that a divorce will happen. However, divorce is a reality for many Texas couples, and it is beneficial for some to plan for that contingency before they even walk down the aisle.  

Not just for the rich and famous 

People often assume that prenuptial agreements are only important for those who are rich and famous. However, there are many benefits for all couples, regardless of income level, to have this type of contract drafted before they marry. This can be a simple way to protect a family’s legacy in the event of a divorce at some point in the future. 

By designating in the prenup which assets are separate, it can eliminate the possibility of a spouse claiming a portion of the other spouse’s family wealth or closely held property. This provision can provide peace of mind for spouses and even extended family members. 

Assistance with drafting this document 

When preparing to marry, it may be helpful to speak with a Texas attorney regarding how to create a prenuptial agreement that will provide protection and security for both spouses. This contract is customizable, allowing a couple to address specific matters that are important to them. An assessment of the couple’s concerns, objectives and individual financial situation can provide insight regarding terms that should be in their prenuptial agreement.