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September 2017 Archives

A prenuptial agreement can protect Texas inheritences

When couples decide it is time to take the next step in their relationship, buying the ring, getting engaged and planning the wedding become the focus. Many Texas couples don't consider a prenuptial agreement as a necessity or think that the thought of one sours the blissful mood. Protecting one's assets and keeping a future spouse's pre-marriage debts as just that, the spouse's, can be the first step to an open and honest marriage.

Social status plays no part in Texas child support agreements

When Texas parents separate, children can often be left with the uncertainty and bitter banter that a child custody dispute can cause. Some parents can work through the disagreements and find a schedule that works for both parties and allows the children equal access to both parents. In cases where there is unresolved hurt between the parents, the custody battle can rage on and cause bumps in the road to finalizing the agreement. In the case of Rob Kardashian and his once fiancé but now ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna, the long, drawn out and very public breakup has finally reached a settlement with regard to the custody and child support payments concerning their infant daughter.

Prenuptial agreements for Texas residents on subsequent marriage

The breakup of a marriage is a tough situation to go through, yet many people tend to do it more than once. With divorcees having been through the breakup process before, one could assume that they have learned from their mistakes. Recent studies have concluded that this simply is not the case. Many Texas residents on their second or third marriage repeat their mistakes with regard to a divorce and cost themselves more money and anguish in the long run. Prenuptial agreements can help to alleviate the financial mess that the dissolution of a marriage can create, regardless of which number marriage it may be.

A complex divorce and Texas politics

When a Texas resident is elected to a seat in the political realm, his or her life becomes open to scrutiny. Almost all personal issues come center stage, and the public then has the opportunity to weigh in with opinions and ideas. When a complex divorce becomes pubic knowledge, politicians and family members should be prepared to have every aspect of the events surrounding the entire marriage placed on display. A high-ranking official in another state is learning the hard way how politics and married life may not always mix.

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