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A complex divorce and Texas politics

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | High Asset Divorce |

When a Texas resident is elected to a seat in the political realm, his or her life becomes open to scrutiny. Almost all personal issues come center stage, and the public then has the opportunity to weigh in with opinions and ideas. When a complex divorce becomes pubic knowledge, politicians and family members should be prepared to have every aspect of the events surrounding the entire marriage placed on display. A high-ranking official in another state is learning the hard way how politics and married life may not always mix.

A retired clerk of the court has found himself fighting to keep control of his money after he filed for divorce. The day after he filed for divorce, his wife claimed he was mentally incapable of handling his own money and asked to be his financial guardian. By reporting to the courts that her husband may be suffering dementia, she could possibly stall the divorce and gain control of his pension and other benefits. The husband denies this accusation and says his memory is just fine.

The biggest concern for many constituents is the fact the retired clerk’s wife is now clerk herself. With his support and endorsement, many feel that her actions were a plan to gain election and access to his pension and retirement. She has no prior political experience and the lack of educational experience now concerns many.

Texas elected officials may still have to deal with the pain and scandal that a public divorce can cause. Lies, deceit and betrayal may seem like things that only happen to others, but in reality, can happen to unsuspecting spouses, regardless of public position. When a complex divorce seems overwhelming, enlisting the help of a savvy attorney can help a client to understand the legal ramifications of the divorce and the effects that it can have on one’s financial future.

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