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August 2017 Archives

Texas parents behind on child support denied registration renewal

Having a vehicle or some form of reliable transportation is paramount not only to earning a living but also in the freedom of going wherever, whenever. What comes as a surprise for most Texas parents who are behind on their child support payments is a statue that has recently been put into effect to help keep noncustodial parents on top of child support payments. The state now will not allow those more than six months behind in payments to renew their motor vehicle registrations.

Child custody across Texas state lines

Raising children and having a career can be a balancing act that never seems to balance. The demands of parenthood and work can create a stressful environment that makes a parent feel incapable of doing enough, in either capacity. When a Texas couple splits up and child custody becomes another ball added to the ever-balancing juggling act of family and career, the situation can become overwhelming. Celebrity parents aren't immune from these difficult issues.

Division of marital assets doesn't have to cost a Texas fortune

Divorces can be a very trying time for couples who are seeking to separate their once-entangled lives. No longer sharing the same residence is usually the least of a once happily married couple's worries. The division of marital assets, which can include retirement accounts and other savings plans, can be quite costly if not handled correctly during the divorce proceedings. Texas residents can ensure that their financial future is safeguarded from unnecessary tax implications with simple steps that have been put into place early on during the divorce.

More Texas Millennials are seeking a prenuptial agreement

Many young Texas residents are putting off marriage until their later years. By doing so, they seem to be more focused on building careers and wealth before tying the knot. Coming into a marriage with assets and wealth can make some feel uneasy and lead couples to the discussion of a prenuptial agreement.

Texas man owes child support for a child that is not his

The birth of a child is often a wondrous and highly anticipated event for the parents. Planning and preparing for the arrival of the newest member of the family can be an exciting time when names and nursery colors are chosen. For some Texas residents, the situation may be less than perfect when the sweet bundle of joy makes his or her appearance. The parents may be in the process of a divorce or if the parents weren't married, the relationship may have recently ended, leaving the primary caregiver seeking child support and/or a custody agreement.

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