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Child custody across Texas state lines

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2017 | Child Custody |

Raising children and having a career can be a balancing act that never seems to balance. The demands of parenthood and work can create a stressful environment that makes a parent feel incapable of doing enough, in either capacity. When a Texas couple splits up and child custody becomes another ball added to the ever-balancing juggling act of family and career, the situation can become overwhelming. Celebrity parents aren’t immune from these difficult issues.

A recent return to the sport of tennis by Victoria Azarenka after her six-month maternity leave had the possibility of sparking the can-do attitude of mothers everywhere. But a recent split between her and her boyfriend, who is also her son’s father, has led to a subsequent child custody battle that does not allow either parent to take the child out of their home state without the consent of the other parent. This could keep her away from the upcoming U.S. Open.

According to Azarenka’s attorney, once custody becomes a concern, the child may not be taken out of state without the permission of the court. This would require the athlete to leave her son in California to play in the tournament. She states that is not something she is willing to do.

The breakdown of a relationship can be rough, even more so when a child is involved. Understanding the laws surrounding child custody during the separation process are crucial in avoiding any confusion when one travels outside the state for work purposes. A family law attorney can help guide those seeking child custody or child support to an understanding of their rights under Texas law.

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