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May 2017 Archives

Texas residents understand their rights in child support cases

When a relationship dissolves and children are involved, the financial and custodial care of the kids is sometimes split between the parents. One parent is usually required or openly agrees to pay a portion of the expenses associated with raising and caring for the children born during the relationship. Even with the best of intentions, circumstances change, and those necessary child support payments can fall behind or become increasingly difficult to make for Texas residents.

Allan Thicke's prenuptial agreement is questioned

Marriage can be an exciting time for couples, but for some Texas residents who happen to have a considerable amount of wealth, it can be stressful and uncertain. Most people who have an extensive and attractive financial background seek the comfort and safety of a prenuptial agreement during the early stages of an engagement. A well thought out and properly executed prenuptial agreement can save uncertainty and ill feelings should a marital union dissolve or one partner pass away. When executed correctly, the agreement can keep families out of an expensive and drawn out court battle.

Child custody in Texas can work when parents work together

The breakdown of a marriage is difficult for adults and even more so for children. Texas parents worry about how things will be split equally, and the little ones are left to wonder when things will be like they used to. The separation of a family can be devastating, but parents can work together to come up with a child custody agreement that works for them and allows the children equal access to both parents.

Closing the Texas income gap with a prenuptial agreement

Little girls can sometimes dream of fairy tales and princes coming to their rescue. Marriage follows and so does the happily ever after. In reality, princes are far less likely to rescue damsels in distress, and the happily ever after is usually not ever after, after all. Divorce is a common occurrence in Texas and for some couples, one spouse may bring a significant amount of income to the financial bucket. Couples can successfully protect their income and keep the marriage lines open and honest with a prenuptial agreement.

Texas Infowars child custody battle rages on

The dissolution of a marriage can be taxing at best, but when children are involved, the situation can be an emotional roller coaster that doesn't seem to have a brake. Some Texas parents will, in extreme cases, use the children to inflict hurt and guilt on the other parent, causing a significant rift in the family dynamic that leaves ripples for miles. The anger and hurt can build up, and the children witnessing these emotional ploys are left to wonder where they really stand. Child custody can be a mud-slinging circus or a smooth transition when families work together and keep the kids best interests at heart.

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