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Allan Thicke’s prenuptial agreement is questioned

On Behalf of | May 24, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Marriage can be an exciting time for couples, but for some Texas residents who happen to have a considerable amount of wealth, it can be stressful and uncertain. Most people who have an extensive and attractive financial background seek the comfort and safety of a prenuptial agreement during the early stages of an engagement. A well thought out and properly executed prenuptial agreement can save uncertainty and ill feelings should a marital union dissolve or one partner pass away. When executed correctly, the agreement can keep families out of an expensive and drawn out court battle.

The two sons of Allan Thicke are taking his widow, Tanya Callau, to court in another state. The widow claims that the agreement she signed over 10 years ago is no longer valid. Callau is also threatening to make her case public in hopes of forcing the sons, Robin and Brennan, into mediation and settlement.

The brothers claim that the widow never once complained during the course of the marriage regarding the agreement’s terms. Upon the actor’s untimely death, she began to contest the validity of the agreement. The terms, as noted by court documents, state that the sons will receive ownership of the family ranch, a percentage of the late father’s personal effects and remaining estate. The widow is to receive what is left of the estate and personal effects after the sons are allocated their portion, as well as death benefits and a life insurance policy.

Losing a spouse or going through a divorce can be tough enough for families and the spouses. Having something in place to help set the boundaries and allocate money and property can help alleviate that burden for surviving loved ones. When done properly  with the expertise and guidance of a Texas attorney, a prenuptial agreement can protect the assets that one partner brings to a marriage. The agreement is a legal document that, when properly executed, should stand up in court and hold true to the wishes of the deceased spouse.

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