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September 2016 Archives

Child custody: Parental alienation can poison a divorce

Many divorcing couples in Texas manage this traumatic time without acrimony, recognizing the impact a hostile court battle can have on children. When child custody issues are litigated in court, it could become a competition in which each parent wants to be the winner. It is not uncommon for one parent to feed a child with negative judgments against the other parent, causing alienation that can destroy the child's relationship with that parent.

Prenuptial agreement: Can cohabitants protect their interests?

As the dynamics of many Texas families change, there are more and more couples who choose to cohabitate -- often with the intent to marry at a later date. Although living together may perfectly fit the circumstances of a couple, untangling finances in the event of a breakup can be messy. Cohabitating couples may want to consider signing a cohabitation agreement, which is similar to a prenuptial agreement for married couples.

Child custody battle said to be nearly over for Madonna and Guy

Now and then, Texas residents may read reports about the divorce battles of celebrities and realize that they are no different than ordinary citizens. Pop star Madonna and director Guy Ritchie filed for divorce in 2008; however, reaching an agreement in the child custody battle had been unsuccessful. The singer and her former husband were in the news in December when the couple's son refused to come back to his mother from a visit abroad with his father.

Personal injury settlement separate property in Texas divorce

Property division is often a contentious aspect of divorce proceedings. In Texas -- one nine community property states -- most assets acquired during the marriage are marital assets and belong to both spouses. Exceptions are gifts and/or inheritances received by one spouse. However, if these funds are commingled with martial property, they may no longer be regarded as separate property.

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