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Child custody battle said to be nearly over for Madonna and Guy

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2016 | Child Custody |

Now and then, Texas residents may read reports about the divorce battles of celebrities and realize that they are no different than ordinary citizens. Pop star Madonna and director Guy Ritchie filed for divorce in 2008; however, reaching an agreement in the child custody battle had been unsuccessful. The singer and her former husband were in the news in December when the couple’s son refused to come back to his mother from a visit abroad with his father.

Reportedly, the battle is over custody of the couple’s 16-year-old son who apparently wants to live with his father. He was on tour with his mother in December when he left to go to his dad. The boy was enrolled in a school in the country in which his father resides, and Madonna got a court order for the child to be returned to her. However, when Richie did not oblige, nothing was done to enforce the order.

The parents continued negotiations to reach an agreement, and an attorney was appointed by the court to represent the boy. This lawyer reported that the ongoing dispute between his parents were causing anxiety in the teenager. It was reported that Madonna traveled abroad to be reunited with her son in May, and the two of them returned to New York later.

Now, after years of battling each other, the celebrity couple has reportedly reached an agreement to let the boy live with his father. The two were said to be preparing for an appearance in court. Any Texas parent who is involved in an ongoing child custody battle may benefit from discussing the options of alternative dispute resolution such as divorce mediation with an experienced family law attorney. Utilizing the services of such a professional may lead to an agreement that will be less time consuming and less costly.

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