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July 2016 Archives

High net worth divorce may be best navigated by skilled attorneys

Along with child custody, property division is likely the other most challenging aspect of any divorce. Dividing property in a high net worth divorce is typically an even more complicated process. However, with the guidance and support of the experienced Texas attorneys of Warmbrodt, Winslow & Associates, positive results may be achieved in divorce and property division.

Gray divorce can be particularly difficult to navigate alone

It is reported that the number of older people in Texas and other states that are choosing to end their marriages is rising. Deciding to divorce after the age of 50 brings a number of additional concerns. While the financial toll can be significant on both parties, women may be more seriously affected. Unfortunately, gray divorces are sometimes ruled by emotions and the need to get the proceedings over and done with as quickly as possible,

Property division process can be full of pitfalls

Texas residents who are considering divorce may be unprepared for the complexities involved in the process. One aspect that can be more complicated than anticipated is property division. It is always beneficial to have skilled legal counsel to provide guidance because there are certain matters that require careful and thorough consideration.

Child custody: How are a child's best interests determined?

In any divorce in Texas in which there are children involved, their best interests will be a primary concern of the court. In most cases, that's also true of both parents. When a divorce is litigated, child custody will be decided by the court after careful consideration of many factors to determine what would be best for the children. Couples who choose divorce mediation will have that same responsibility as they negotiate child custody agreements.

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