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High net worth divorce may be best navigated by skilled attorneys

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Along with child custody, property division is likely the other most challenging aspect of any divorce. Dividing property in a high net worth divorce is typically an even more complicated process. However, with the guidance and support of the experienced Texas attorneys of Warmbrodt, Winslow & Associates, positive results may be achieved in divorce and property division.

After assessing the unique circumstances of each client, we will provide the necessary information and the available legal options as the negotiations related to property division proceed. Our support will continue throughout the process because there are sure to be concerns and questions to be addressed. Whenever negotiations between the parties fail, our attorneys will be ready to go to court and defend the client’s fair share in the property division process.

Issues that may arise include issues with substantial real estate, second-property income, motor vehicles, boats and deferred income, and also with investments, bonds, stocks, retirement accounts and pensions. In many high asset divorces, contention arises over collectibles, heirlooms and gifts. In some cases, inheritances might have been commingled, making the division even more complicated.

Texas individuals who suspect that a spouse is hiding assets or who feels pressured by a spouse to agree to give up assets to which he or she is not entitled may rest assured that our attorneys will aggressively take care of the matter. Regardless of whether it is a high net worth divorce or one with less complex issues, the client’s rights will be protected. Warmbrodt, Winslow & Associates will do whatever they can to ensure the property division reflects the client’s investment in the marriage.