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June 2016 Archives

Property division issues in each Texas divorce are different

Anybody in Texas who is considering a divorce will likely learn that some unwritten rules generally apply. Every divorce is unique, and although there will be an endless stream of advice from others who have gone through their own divorces, there is no precise comparison between any two divorce cases. The facts involved in every case will determine the way in which property division, child custody and other issues will be resolved.

Consider property division realities before divorce

Any Texas resident who is considering a divorce will likely research the available options. A divorce does not have to involve bitter battles in court, particularly when other options are available. Regardless of whether a couple chooses mediation, collaboration or litigation, the decisions that typically have to be made about child custody and property division can be heart-wrenching. Being prepared for the proceedings that lie ahead and the realities of life post-divorce may ease the process.

No prenuptial agreement may cost Johnny Depp dearly

The break-up of the 15-month marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been reported all over the media. Apart from the news that Heard accused Depp of domestic violence, it is speculated that the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement. That leads to lots of speculation about the division of assets, as they live in a community property state with divorce laws similar to those here in Texas.

Parental rights: Why do fathers have to fight to see their kids?

In Texas and across the nation, there are fathers who feel ill-treated by the courts. After fighting hard to be allowed more time with his daughter, a father in another state realized that others were fighting similar battles. A group spanning 38 states was formed, and they are advocating for family court reform that will allow equal parental rights in all cases in which no legal reason exist to prevent fathers from seeing their children.

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