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Consider property division realities before divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Child Support |

Any Texas resident who is considering a divorce will likely research the available options. A divorce does not have to involve bitter battles in court, particularly when other options are available. Regardless of whether a couple chooses mediation, collaboration or litigation, the decisions that typically have to be made about child custody and property division can be heart-wrenching. Being prepared for the proceedings that lie ahead and the realities of life post-divorce may ease the process.

It may take a while for parents and children to adjust to the new dynamics. However, opportunities are available to negotiate parenting plans that will fit the new lifestyles of all. Mediators can provide a platform for negotiations, and with professional guidance, the job schedules of parents and the school and extracurricular activities of the children can be accommodated.

Other aspects of a divorce that will affect post-divorce life include property division and finances. With the guidance of a mediator and the attorney for each spouse, agreements may be reached for the distribution of community property. There may be financial challenges ahead because, along with two homes, there will be two cars — with maintenance and insurance costs — two utility bills, grocery bills and more. Child support and alimony is decided by the court, though the parties may be able to reach an agreement on these issues directly.

While it is possible to navigate a divorce without a lawyer, it may make the process even more challenging. With the support and guidance of an experienced Texas family law attorney, all aspects – including property division and child custody, can be discussed in advance. Problem areas can be identified and addressed. In an initial consultation, a lawyer can assess the dynamics of the family and suggest the most feasible manner in which to proceed.

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