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September 2015 Archives

Can parents without child custody claim children as dependents?

Under federal tax laws, Texas parents are entitled to claim their children as dependents on their tax returns. Married couples who file joint returns typically claim the exemption collectively for their children. However, unmarried or divorced couples cannot file joint tax returns and may be unsure of who may claim the exemption. Even in a case in which one parent has sole child custody, under certain circumstances, the other parent may be able to claim a child as a dependent for tax purposes.

Ben and Jen resolve child custody issues through mediation

Litigated divorces often lead to permanent emotional scarring of spouses and children. The choices made by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner related to the manner in which they want to handle their divorce have been an inspiration to many couples, including some in Texas. Their decision to hire attorneys to provide valuable support and advice during divorce mediation, rather than to fight their child custody and asset division battles in court, may ultimately benefit the whole family.

Prenuptial agreement: A valuable document for blended families

Marital agreements are sometimes seen as unromantic and counterproductive, although they are meant to give both parties peace of mind and the ability to focus on their love and their marriage. In Texas and elsewhere, a prenup is often regarded as a necessity for couples with high assets. This type of agreement may also protect the assets of less wealthy couples. Nevertheless, many ask why they should consider a prenuptial agreement.

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