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Ben and Jen resolve child custody issues through mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2015 | Child Custody |

Litigated divorces often lead to permanent emotional scarring of spouses and children. The choices made by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner related to the manner in which they want to handle their divorce have been an inspiration to many couples, including some in Texas. Their decision to hire attorneys to provide valuable support and advice during divorce mediation, rather than to fight their child custody and asset division battles in court, may ultimately benefit the whole family.

Divorce mediation involves a professional mediator who facilitates communication and compromise in negotiations regarding child custody, shared parenting and visitation, property division and more. Divorcing couples are encouraged to work toward agreements that are not based on anger, revenge and personal feelings, but rather in the interest of maintaining a strong bond that will last through the years after the divorce. Families can reorganize the dynamics of their relationships to ensure healthy post-divorce communication.

Many litigated divorces develop into a contentious clash that centers on who is the better parent rather than focusing on the best interests of the children. Avoiding the trauma of the courtroom may also prevent the long-term psychological effects it may have on children. In may cases, the experience of mediation equips couples with the foundation to continue communication in their post-divorce lives, allowing effective co-parenting.

The confidentiality of divorce mediation makes it an attractive alternative to the lack of privacy of a litigated divorce. However, divorce mediation may not be a viable option in all cases. Texas individuals who are considering divorce may benefit from consulting with an experienced divorce attorney who can assess the circumstances and provide guidance related to the available options when considering child custody, asset division and other contentious issues.

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