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July 2015 Archives

Unmarried fathers seek changes to protect their parental rights

Some unmarried fathers in Texas and elsewhere are calling for the U.S. Supreme Court and federal and state legislators to revisit the due process rights of biological fathers. They believe that the current putative father registry that is mostly state-based would be more efficient if it is a national system that is well designed and widely publicized. Many fathers contend that they want their parental rights to include more than just financial obligations.

Financial demons can be addressed in a prenuptial agreement

Texas readers may find it interesting that financial disputes are reported to be the cause of 22 percent of divorces nationwide. This may underscore the importance of a prenuptial agreement that gives a couple the opportunity to discuss their financial concerns and demons before the big day. If both parties are open and honest, they can set immediate financial goals, and with continued communication, they can adjust future goals to accommodate changed circumstances that occur in any marriage.

Child custody: Is shared parenting suitable for all couples?

When considering a divorce, Texas couples may have many questions, especially if there are children involved. Child custody decisions are typically emotional, and, while many profess shared parenting to be the best situation for children, it may not be suitable for all. However, deciding what would suit a family's particular circumstances may be difficult without the help of professionals.

Was high net worth divorce of Affleck and Garner timed perfectly?

Texas readers might be aware of the recent divorce filing of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. According to many media reports, this has been a long time coming. However, could the date of their divorce filing have been carefully planned? A high net worth divorce can be complicated, and both these movie stars are worth millions.

Virtual visitation as part of parenting plan in child custody

The legal landscape of child custody is rapidly changing through advancing technology. Several states, including Texas, have enacted laws that will allow virtual visitation as part of a parenting plan in child custody agreements. Virtual visitation involves software applications such as Skype, webcams, and video phones, and could contribute significantly to maintaining regular communication between parents and children who are separated due to divorces.

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