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Child custody: Is shared parenting suitable for all couples?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2015 | Child Custody |

When considering a divorce, Texas couples may have many questions, especially if there are children involved. Child custody decisions are typically emotional, and, while many profess shared parenting to be the best situation for children, it may not be suitable for all. However, deciding what would suit a family’s particular circumstances may be difficult without the help of professionals.

Unfortunately, the negative emotions parents may feel toward each other sometimes come in the way of sensible decisions and sabotage the best interests of their children. When these negotiations become contentious, it can lead to scenarios that can only be resolved by the court. This will deny parents the opportunity to jointly make the decisions that will likely affect the lives of the whole family. Children usually pay the price of child custody negotiations that become battles.

Parents who can sit down and have a child-centered discussion will have to ask and answer questions about their children’s current and future needs — both financial and emotional. Some parents have found the support and guidance of a professional divorce mediator to be invaluable. With their extensive knowledge of such situations, mediators can anticipate situations that need addressing — often not even considered by parents. They typically have the insight and tools to help parents reach an amicable agreement on matters that relate to the children’s well-being.

When Texas parents utilize the services of mediators, each party typically has a legal representative present to ensure the legality of decisions and documents, and also to provide valuable participation in the negotiation process. Successful mediation will bring about decisions that will be in the best interests of the children. The suitable solution may not necessarily be shared parenting, though that may well be an optimal result. Even if it is decided that one parent should have child custody, both parents will have the satisfaction of knowing that it was their ability to communicate that brought about resolution, rather than a decision by a judge.

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