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April 2015 Archives

Joint or separate accounts: Address it in a prenuptial agreement

Disputes related to money are regarded to be one of the primary sources of contention in marriages. More and more Texas couples are recognizing the advantages of prenuptial agreements. With the assistance of an experienced family law attorney -- and even a mediator -- any Texas couple considering marriage can draw up a prenuptial agreement that will protect the interests of both parties.

With legal guidance property division may be less stressful

Some divorces are calm and amicable while others are contentious and stressful. Regardless, some level of pain will be experienced, and limiting conflict may lessen the pain. While it could be regarded as a truism, any divorce is less stressful if both parties can leave emotion at the door. The objective input of experienced Texas divorce attorneys and their resources of other professionals may assist divorcing spouses in keeping a clear head during matters such as child custody and property division discussions.

Is a prenuptial agreement necessary for farm couples?

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that is signed between two parties before their marriage. Such agreements are commonly drafted by each spouse's respective legal representative. The signatures of both parties to the agreement must be notarized to indicate that each one understands and agrees with the contents. A prenuptial agreement typically contains directives for the division of property if the marriage ends in divorce. It may also be valid in the event of one spouse's incapacitation or death -- unless a court decides that a will takes priority.

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