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With legal guidance property division may be less stressful

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2015 | Property Division |

Some divorces are calm and amicable while others are contentious and stressful. Regardless, some level of pain will be experienced, and limiting conflict may lessen the pain. While it could be regarded as a truism, any divorce is less stressful if both parties can leave emotion at the door. The objective input of experienced Texas divorce attorneys and their resources of other professionals may assist divorcing spouses in keeping a clear head during matters such as child custody and property division discussions.

Professional assistance will ensure all issues are addressed. Immediate needs that have to be discussed include income to cover everyday expenses, ensuring continued health insurance and child custody where applicable. Financial and child custody discussions must include both short- and long-term planning, and it is possible to include health insurance in divorce settlements. To facilitate a mutual agreement, the services of a divorce mediator may be invaluable.

Further discussions will include property division and, in a community property state such as Texas, legal guidance will be beneficial. Relevant aspects will include assets such as family homes, bank accounts, retirement and investment accounts, along with other valuables or property. Beneficiaries in estate plans will have to be modified, and tax implications need to be addressed. Tax filings for the year of divorce must be coordinated, and issues such as head of household and dependency must be sorted out.

While keeping it amicable may be the most difficult part of reaching an agreement about matters such as property division, it will ease the way to a fresh start. Divorce is the end of a chapter, but with time comes healing and the beginning of a new chapter. With compassionate and experienced professional support, the divorce process in Texas may be easier than anticipated, and a smooth transfer from married to single life.

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