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August 2014 Archives

What if a noncustodial parent fails to pay child support?

It is not uncommon for the circumstances of noncustodial parents in Texas to change. Although most parents want to support their children and remain a part of their lives, nonpayment of child custody often results from a person losing his or her job, serious illness or other legitimate reasons. Unfortunately, an alarming number of noncustodial parents simply refuse to pay child support -- often as a way to punish an ex-spouse -- but not considering that the children are the ones who suffer the consequences.

A child's well-being is linked to regular child support payments

Parents have a duty to provide their children with all their basic needs. This includes food and shelter, along with proper health care. When school is in session, there is also school clothing and other related needs to be met. Texas parents may be aware that children who are supported by both parents are more likely to make good grades and avoid behavioral problems. This is why it is so important for non-custodial parents to maintain child support payments.

Prenuptial agreements not only for asset division and divorce

Texas residents may be aware of the negative connotations surrounding prenuptial agreements, and determining when to broach the subject may produce high levels of anxiety. Instead of regarding a prenuptial agreement as a means to protect one’s interests in the event of a divorce, couples may consider the positive aspects of such a document. Rather than regarding it as a directive for asset division, they may recognize that it is the perfect way for a couple to test their ability to communicate in an open and sincere way about their individual financial situations and how they will handle their combined finances during their marriage.

Busy lives require modern additions to a prenuptial agreement

Times have changed, and many modern couples consist of two parties who are equally successful in their respective professions. Their extremely busy lives may make it difficult for couples to manage their lives away from work. Hence, many divorces occur due to disagreements about trivial matters that seem to have a tendency to snowball. While a prenuptial agreement seems unromantic, more and more couples recognize the importance of such agreements. Texas couples may be interested in other agreements that some couples are signing in order to lay down rules in their relationships.

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