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Busy lives require modern additions to a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2014 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Times have changed, and many modern couples consist of two parties who are equally successful in their respective professions. Their extremely busy lives may make it difficult for couples to manage their lives away from work. Hence, many divorces occur due to disagreements about trivial matters that seem to have a tendency to snowball. While a prenuptial agreement seems unromantic, more and more couples recognize the importance of such agreements. Texas couples may be interested in other agreements that some couples are signing in order to lay down rules in their relationships.

Many modern couples test the waters by moving in together because they may not be quite ready for marriage yet. These arrangements often last for many years, and when the relationship ends, unmarried couples have very few rights. To protect the rights of each party, a cohabitation agreement can be signed to clarify each party’s assets and include details about possible child support, along with financial agreements such as debt, bank accounts and health insurance.

Another point of contention in many break-ups is a dispute about our beloved pets, and couples may sign pet custody agreements. It is not uncommon for people to grow extremely fond of their pets, and this could lead to unpleasant disputes in the event of a relationship ending. Such an agreement will indicate who will have custody and possible visitation time. Social media agreements have also become necessary in many relationships. This is especially true when vindictive ex-partners submit derogatory posts that could be detrimental to a professional’s image and business.

Some couples even find it necessary to sign a pre-pregnancy agreement, setting out ground rules about sharing responsibilities and chores after the baby’s birth. Couples with very busy lives even find it necessary to sign a contract to ensure that they make time for romance, specifying how much time they commit to spending together as a loving couple. All these additional agreements to avoid potential disputes may be included in a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation contract, or there could be separate documents. However, Texas couples may want to understand that, for these agreements to hold up in court in the case of litigation, they may want to consult with professionals to ensure legality.

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