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November 2013 Archives

Child custody battle over abortion gets ugly

A child is usually considered a blessing, but there are instances that could lead a woman to the decision to undergo an abortion procedure. That procedure is currently legal for any woman to make for whatever reason she may have and without fear of consequences. Unfortunately that is not the case for one mother in Texas who is currently fighting a nasty child custody battle for her private decision.

Lessons to learn before a high net worth divorce or otherwise.

Happiness is something that comes from within. Surrounding one's self with happiness does not always ensure that he or she will be happy. Texas residents deserve to be truly happy regardless of marriage status. In a relationship where one person is not truly happy, a high net worth divorce can wind up being the outcome.

Property division in Texas could include family pets

During a divorce, property division can be a challenge if the couple doesn't agree on certain items. Any Texas pet lover that is facing a divorce may find a recent article both interesting and helpful. The article discussed how animals, a dog specifically, can be included in the property division.

Texas property division may be easily dealt with during divorce

A prenuptial agreement does not have to be considered a negative beginning to what should be a beautiful marriage. Should a divorce become inevitable, however, having the prenuptial agreement in place can save a bunch of pain and suffering for either one or both parties involved. Texas divorces can be painless in the sense of knowing beforehand what will go to who and how the property division will work.

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