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Child custody battle over abortion gets ugly

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2013 | Child Custody |

A child is usually considered a blessing, but there are instances that could lead a woman to the decision to undergo an abortion procedure. That procedure is currently legal for any woman to make for whatever reason she may have and without fear of consequences. Unfortunately that is not the case for one mother in Texas who is currently fighting a nasty child custody battle for her private decision.

Recent reports have given light to this outrageous battle between divorced spouses, both looking to gain sole custody of their two children. The mother apparently feels as if she will lose this battle thanks to her husband’s representation and is already gearing up to file her appeals after the judge rules. The battle turned ugly when the ex-husband had his attorney request the medical records of his former spouse.

Some time after the couple’s divorce, the woman elected to have an abortion after she found out she was pregnant. The man was not a stranger, but someone she had allegedly known for over 20 years. She is upset that her decision is being held against her in this custody battle because she had previously filed abuse charges against the ex-husband after he allegedly assaulted her in front of their children, leaving her with a hematoma and a black eye among other injuries.

In a child custody case like this, it is understandable how the woman could feel betrayed and confused. It would do the woman a great deal of good to make sure she is represented by someone who is willing to go to great lengths to ensure fair treatment. Anyone in Texas going through a child custody battle should be treated fairly, and most people deserve to have time with their children, even if the relationship they were made from did not last.

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