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July 2013 Archives

Texas NBA fans may be interested in Wade's child custody case

Texas residents may understand the emotional toll a child custody case can take on all involved. Recently, the highly publicized divorce of NBA player Dwayne Wade has also made headlines for the child custody battle that has continued. Basketball fans or those going through a similar situation may take a special interest in this case.

Woman wins residency issue in high net worth divorce

In order for a petition for a divorce to be filed, most states, including Texas, have a residency requirement. In one high net worth divorce, a woman who was accused by her ex of being out of the country more than she was in, the Supreme Court from her home state has ruled that she did meet the residency requirements to file. The approval from the court will mean that her ex husband will have to pay fines as well as the alimony previously set.

Property division needs different for older spouses

Baby boomers have often been heralded as the driving force behind various types of social change. Recent statistics suggest that older Americans may be continuing that trend by drastically changing the face of divorce. People over 50 are divorcing in record numbers, in Texas and elsewhere. These spouses will have very different property division needs than their counterparts in their 30s and 40s.

Can a prenuptial agreement save a Texas couple from divorce?

Many more couples around the country and in Texas are getting married later in life or for a second time than any other time in our country's past. This shift seems to be creating a new interest in having a prenuptial agreement since each party may have already accumulated substantial assets and debts prior to getting together. What used to be seen as a taboo and unromantic subject is increasingly becoming part of planning for a wedding.

Sex offender wins child custody case

Parents often want what's best for their children. They also want to have the ability to see them whenever they please. Unfortunately, as couples with children divorce, time spent with children can often be one-sided. Child custody battles can become vicious affairs if a parent believes he or she should be entitled to more time with the children. When custody agreements are overturned, some parents can be left shocked and dismayed.

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