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Can a prenuptial agreement save a Texas couple from divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2013 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Many more couples around the country and in Texas are getting married later in life or for a second time than any other time in our country’s past. This shift seems to be creating a new interest in having a prenuptial agreement since each party may have already accumulated substantial assets and debts prior to getting together. What used to be seen as a taboo and unromantic subject is increasingly becoming part of planning for a wedding.

Discussing financial matters may not seem romantic, but it could just save a marriage. Eventually, the mystique of being engaged and then married is going to wear off and be replaced by everyday life. One of the things can will affect every couple’s day to day life is money. Knowing ahead of time how much each party has, owes and intends to spend can help a couple find some common ground and compromise before it becomes an issue.

One of the biggest reasons that marriages fail is money matters. Arguments about money can stem from something as simple as not discussing  who will pay the monthly bills to how big a purchase is too big to make without first talking it over as a couple. There really is no end to what couples may end up arguing about when it comes to finances.

One way Texas couples can avoid those arguments is to get everything out in the open right from the beginning. Then, once there has been full disclosure, a couple can have a prenuptial agreement drafted that solidifies how the couple will deal with their finances during marriage and in the event of a divorce. Hopefully, having a prenuptial agreement in place before marriage will allow the couple to avoid arguments about money matters, which could leave more time for romance.

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