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Prenuptial agreements are not just for celebrities

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Prenuptial Agreements |

The process of divorce is difficult. It requires both parties to address their shared debt, divide their property and decide how they will share time with their children. These are difficult and often emotional decisions, and divorce can be quite contentious. To avoid this, many Texas couples choose to create a prenuptial agreement. This can reduce conflict and problems in a divorce.

Plan for contingencies

Prenuptial agreements are often associated with the rich and famous. Celebrity couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are going through a public divorce, and the terms of their agreement are the subject of much interest. However, a couple does not have to be rich, famous, business owners or own extensive property to benefit from this type of legal document.

In a prenup, a couple can outline what property is separate and not eligible for division in a divorce. Additionally, the two parties can include terms that describe how they will split their marital property in a divorce. They can also predetermine matters pertaining to spousal support and financial responsibilities during the marriage. Most couples can benefit from having this type of agreement in place.

Simplifying divorce

Creating a prenup does not mean that one believes his or her marriage will end in the future. It simply means that a Texas couple is preparing for contingencies and ensuring they can look to the future with confidence. It is beneficial to discuss prenup terms and other issues with an experienced family law attorney when negotiating terms, reviewing a contract or making important decisions for the future.