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Some ways to help resolve conflict among co-parents

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Child Custody |

Anyone in Texas who has gone through a divorce knows that avoiding even minimal conflict with an ex is nearly impossible. However, constant conflict between former spouses can make co-parenting after a divorce nearly impossible. Here are some pointers to help resolve the co-parenting conflict that often arises between divorced parents.

Create and follow a parenting plan

Even under ideal circumstances, co-parents need a set plan to follow. The children will be transitioning between homes, so all parties need to know where they are going and when. Although coming up with a detailed parenting schedule can be challenging, it is often necessary, especially for high-conflict parents. Once a parenting plan is created and established, be responsible and follow it regardless of what the other parent does.

Refuse to argue

Emotions can become overwhelming and get the best of people, especially after a divorce. Even minor disagreements can explode into all-out screaming matches. However, massive arguments between co-parents go completely against the goal of raising children in a healthy environment. Cut off arguments before they begin by becoming aware of triggers but, if an argument begins, simply refuse to participate. Remember, this is about the children, so keep the relationship with the other parent almost business-like.

Help is available

Trying to co-parent amid conflict can be emotionally draining. Sometimes it may feel as if giving up is the only solution, but know that quitting is never the best option. Those in Texas who need help or have questions about parenting or child custody may want to consider consulting a knowledgeable family law attorney to discuss their concerns.