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A high-asset divorce doesn’t have to be nasty

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | High Asset Divorce |

Making the decision to separate can be difficult and emotionally painful for spouses in Texas who have been together for many years. Yet, once a couple has decided to end their marriage, they typically want a quick and efficient resolution to their divorce. Fortunately, there are ways that spouses can divorce amicably and avoid a contentious court litigation if both parties are willing to cooperate. Here are some suggestions that may help separating spouses divorce amicably.

Negative talk

It is best to never talk negatively about the other spouse. When one spouse continuously talks bad about the other party, it tends to show that the person has not taken ownership or dealt with the role he or she played in the divorce. Just like it takes two to marry, it also takes two to divorce.

Look to the future

The marriage is over, so reflecting on mistakes that were made in the past relationship is no help. Instead, keep the past in the past and try to think about the future and all the possibilities that lie ahead. Look at the divorce as a redo and an opportunity to try new things. Keep end goals in mind when divorce proceedings start.

Seek the help of a professional

Divorce can be a time of great emotional stress and a time when major life-altering decisions must be made. It can be a big help to speak with a therapist or hire a divorce coach to help get through this difficult experience. Also, anyone in Texas who thinks that a marital breakup is coming or is currently going through a divorce should retain an experienced attorney. A seasoned lawyer can provide guidance, protect personal rights and focus on achieving the client a fair and comprehensive settlement.